Last week I started fundraising for March of Dimes to honor Avery Carmella Eck’Art.  The amount of support from our family and friends has been nothing short of amazing.  To date we have raised $1,670 in less then one week.

What I find incredible is the POWER of social networking.  The family and friends I am connected to on Facebook have come through big time.  I did a little research, 81% of all funds raised have come from our friends on Facebook.  This shows you how Facebook and other social network sites can be used to support great organizations. 

If this was 4-5 years ago I can say there is no way I would have raised $300 in the same amount of time.  We have come so far in how we communicate with each other.  Social networking allows us to reach out to people we have not seen, in some cases, over 20+ years.  It also allows us to laugh at some of the great old photos and memories.

I am glad we can leverage social networking to support great organizations like March of Dime, LIVESTRONG, MS Society, etc.  To all my family and friends I am connected to on Facebook, THANK YOU!  I am always blown away with your support for LIVESTRONG and now March of Dimes.

Please remember to go to Nikki’s blog for Avery