Do you have a non-profit organization?  Do you need a grant to help you move forward with your mission? What are you waiting for?

LIVESTRONG is providing up to 65 grants to recreate and implement 3 community programs across the country. The programs; SuperSib’s STAR Program, Cancer Transitions, and the Creative Center’s Artist in Residence Program, help people affected by cancer deal with the emotional, physical and practical aspects of cancer. 

For more information on the three programs please go to the following sites:

LIVESTRONG’s award process: 

  • Interested organizations will complete the application form for one of the model programs.
  • All completed applications will be reviewed by LIVESTRONG staff for eligibility and fit with the program.
  • Those selected will move on to the community voting campaign.
  • Through this campaign, constituents can select which community they would like to receive funding to implement the program; this process will help determine where there is a large level of community support and a demonstrated need for these programs.
  • Voting will begin October 4th and will last for two weeks.
  • Voting totals will be visible throughout the voting process and will close at 5pm on October 19th where the top programs in each of the three areas will be awarded.
  • LIVESTRONG will fund up to twenty sites for the SuperSibs! and Artist in Residence programs and up to twenty-five sites for the Cancer Transitions program.

 If you know of an organization that would benefit from having one of these programs in-house, please send them this link