The following is my brief review of the new Blackberry Torch 9800 for AT&T.  Before I get started let me review my rating system.  To keep this simplistic as possible I have used a rating system of Excellent, Good, Poor.  

Phone Hardware Size:  Excellent, fits in pocket 

Screen Size: Excellent, perfect for users.  Note, the size difference between Torch and iPhone or Droid is over stated.  The quality is more than comparable.

Screen Quality:  Excellent, clarity and colors are great 

Ease of Use:  Excellent, out of the box was no problem at all. 

Voice Quality Heard: Excellent 

Voice Quality Spoken: Excellent to the far end, but there seems to be a bio-feedback issue to the user of the Torch.  This issue is not considered to be a decision breaker. 

Picture Quality:  Excellent, I have tried outside and inside and all photos look great. 

Video Quality:  Excellent, surprised me with how good it looks. 

Picture & Video Upload to Web:  Excellent, fast and easy 

Touch Screen for keyboard:  Good, personally not a fan of any touch screen key board, but that is just my preference (and do to the fact I have meat hooks for hands.)  Thus I got the Torch with the slider key board. 

Touch Screen Maneuvering: Excellent 

Slider Keyboard:  Excellent, though a little small.  It took a day or two to get used to but delivers like the curve or bold. 

Wi-Fi:  Excellent, found my home wi-fi in seconds and I was off and running after adding my security to it.

Pre-installed applications:  Excellent, perfect for Enterprise users and social media folks.

Overall Review:  I found the Blackberry Torch 9800 to be an excellent phone with a lot of great improvements over the Curve and Bold.  I highly recommend this phone to business users, text junkies, people who send lots of personal emails and need internet access.