Tomorrow my wife (Kristy) and I head out to Blue Bell, PA to participate in the LIVESTRONG Challenge with nearly 5000 other participants who have raised over $2.3 million. This money will go to providing direct services to people affected by cancer from all over the world.  The direct services come in great programs such as Patient Navigation Services, Community Impact Projects, Anti-Stigma Campaign, LIVESTRONG at School, LIVESTRONG at the YMCA, Fertile Hope, LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance and so much more.

Some great FACTs about LIVESTRONG’s 2011 work:

  • Served 240,390 thru June with our LIVESTRONG at School, LIVESTRONG at the YMCA, and Community Impact Projects!
  • Our Navigation Services Team has served 142,974 families this year and saved them $1,637,900.
  • Thru June, we have had more than 11,300 hours of help and assistance from generous volunteers!
  • LIVESTRONG sent cancer survivors (I was one of them) and caregivers to Washington, D.C. in May for One Voice Against Cancer to lobby for cancer research, programs and more.

 To date, with the support & generosity of my friends & family I have raised over $7,400 and I would like to reach $10,000 or more.  Please consider making a donation.  Any amount is a good amount and you get a tax write off .  Thank you for your support and generosity! 

Remember you are helping us bring direct services to people affected by cancer.

Donation Page:

Thank you!