Over the last 15 years I have been focused on being a solid college student, employee, husband/father and more recently cancer advocate and LIVESTRONG Leader.  During this time I was ignoring the obvious and not taking care of my physical health. 

I was never bothered by it and I have always been happy in life, but over the years being heavy/fat just got old.  You know it is bad when you cannot walk up stairs without sweating or breathing heavy.  I want to be there when my girls get older and to enjoy my time with Kristy.  Thus, in 2012 I will be challenging myself. 

The challenges will be in form of physical activities and watching what I eat.  My goal is to lose 90lbs by the end of summer August 31.  This is a very aggressive goal.  Losing weight will be the most significant challenge I have faced since being diagnosed with cancer in 2006 and I am ready for it.  I need to average 11.25lbs per month to hit my goal. 

I take a lot of pride in helping people in my day to day life so now it’s time to help myself a little. It makes sense since I am meeting with people all the time speaking about LIVESTRONG programs, FREE services and also promoting the LIVESTRONG Challenges.  It will definitely be more impactful to have someone that looks healthy rather than “Bull Hurley” from Over the Top trying to charge people up about the Challenge 🙂

Here is a list of ways I am challenging myself in 2012.

1. Weight Watchers:  Goal is to lose 90lbs by August 31. 

2. Two or more 5K events: LIVESTRONG Challenge(s) and maybe the Pinebeach 5k

3. One or more cycling events:  LIVESTRONG Challenge(s)

4. One or more Mud Runs: Bill Bottino Mud Run for Cancer

5. More activities with my family (walks, roller skating, swimming, etc.)

6. Eating better on business trips and being active while I am away (walks, swimming, use of gym, etc.)

I can assure you I have never in my life ran a 5k and I never did finish my LIVESTRONG Challenge cycling event in 2007 due to bike problems.  I am looking forward to getting the weight off and being healthy once again.

By the way, since January 1st I have lost 11lbs.  All 11lbs was just by watching what I am eating – using Weight Watchers.  This week I begin some active with walks, etc.  I am on a weekly schedule to check in so here’s to the next weigh in Sunday night.   If anyone would like to join me please let me know.