I learned an important lesson this week.  Sun-Wed I was not eating all my Weight Watchers points on a daily basis.  I am suppose to eat 67 points, but I was eating 30-40 and I always felt good and full, but there was a problem.

On Wednesday I decided to weigh myself.  I was eating less than what was required and still felt great just to learn that this does not mean I was losing weight.  The reality was I did not lose any weight at all.  ZERO!

When I told Kristy she was shocked and said it is probably because I did not eat all my points.  She decided to go talk to the folks at Weight Watchers (WW) in Toms River.  The folks at WW said that I have to eat all my points for the day in order for it to work.

That night I started to eat almost all of my points and the days after too.  Between Wednesday and Sunday morning 8:00AM I have lost 6lbs.  This includes eating out, but eating what is right.  WW definately works!

As of today I have lost a total of 17lbs since January 1st.  I feel great and I notice a difference already in my jeans and my gut.  Kristy has seen a difference in my face too.

Today begins another week of WW and eating right.  Today I am going for a morning walk with Kristy to get some activity in.  We are hoping to fight through the 25 degree weather and get a few miles in.