Week #3 was another solid week.  I lost 3 lbs so to date I have lost 20lbs.  This is a huge number for 3 weeks and one I am extremely proud of.  As I have stated my goal is to lose 90 lbs so I have lost 22%+ of my goal.

I think I am learning what works better for me to eat to help lose the weight.  I really enjoy my oatmeal in the morning, but I have found if I eat this every day I have problems losing weight.  I am not gaining, just not losing. 

What I plan on doing this week is alternate between egg whites and oatmeal.  It seems the egg whites fill me up, but also I seem to lose weight when I eat them.  I will see how this next week goes.

I plan on mixing in several 1-2 mile walks throughout the week.  Hopefully I will keep losing.