There is a great event in South New Jersey (Vineland) in September that I wanted to share with you.  I understand if you are not interested or have prior obligation, but I just wanted to share and let you know I think it would be a great time and great fun.  There is no obligations, just wanted to share it.  I am signed up already.  The following a a good summary of how to register and what to expect – it will be FUN.

We are looking for people who like to get dirty and want to take action against cancer. Join our team “Jersey LIVESTRONG Mudders” for the Bill Bottino Mud Run on September 15, 2012 for 4 miles of muddy, mucky, obstacle challenges and most of all, fun! …Let’s Kick Cancer in the Mud

To register go to and click register.  Then select to register for and then select Individual / Team Member.  Select the registeration type which is MUD RUN.  When it says select team remember to select Jersey LIVESTRONG Mudders.  It is $49 to register!

The Mud Run for Cancer Starts with a Mud Crawling, Perseverance Requiring, Multiple Skill Obstacle Course That Will Reward You With A Sense Of Accomplishment and An Extremely Good Time!

New Jersey Motorsports Park:
8000 Dividing Creek Rd.
Millville, New Jersey 08332

Course Feature 4 Miles of:
•         Multiple Insane Mud Pits!
•         Steep, Slick, Hill Climbs
•         Bold Obstacles That Will Test All Your Abilities
•         Challenges Requiring Cooperation with Your Fellow Mudders
•         Water, and Other Types, of Crossings
•         A Well Organized Course with Minimal Lines
•         Easy Lanes and “Prove Yourself” Lanes (Where Appropriate)
•         Our Final, Signature, Main-Stage, Crowd Screaming, Finale 

Your Mud Run Ticket also earns you:
•         A Rousing Party Featuring The Most Mouth-Watering BBQ You Ever Tasted
•         Superb Live Music
•         The Opportunity to Earn Awards for:
•         Best Fundraising Individual/Team
•         Best Costumed Team
•         Most Represented Team
•         Our Awesome Event T-Shirt
•         The Ability to Honor Cancer Survivors Through Our Moving Candle-Light Walk 

This Ticket is Appropriate For:
•         Teams of Any Size Who Are In It To Have Fun – Not To Compete
•         Individual Mud Runners 

•         All instructions given by the race director must be followed.
•         Good sportsmanship must be maintained at all times.
•         It is NOT necessary for a team to finish together – but it is encouraged
•         The race director may modify the course for the safety of the participants.
•         It is NOT necessary to complete all the obstacles. 

Be Sure to Bring:
•         Your ID
•         Your Costume!
•         Sturdy Shoes
•         Clothes That Can Get Dirty
•         Your Own Towel…And A Change of Clothes
•         Your Appetite!
•         A Sense of Adventure and a Team Focused Attitude!

Need more info? Message me on facebook me.  This is on my list of events to do in 2012 while I work to get my fat butt into shape. I would be honored to have you join our team.  

Come on let’s do this!  Let’s get a bunch of folks together and foster some good old fashion team work and play in the MUD 🙂  If you decide to join please share with family and friends.