My Opinion on the USADA charges against Lance….

Yesterday’s news of the USADA charges against Lance have made numerous friends ask me what I think of the situation.  It seems to be the same with many of my fellow Lance Armstrong Foundation supporters and volunteers. 

I am not Lance Armstrong and I cannot speak for him so if you want his view you need to contact him.  

My personal opinion is I hope the public does not confuse Lance the cyclist of years past with the work of the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  Any charges stemming from his cycling days are not issues with Lance Armstrong Foundation.   They are completely two different aspects of his life. 

I personally support Lance in his efforts to defend the recent charges by the USADA.  Lance has done a great job to date defending himself on past allegations so I expect him to do the same. 

I will not spend time focusing on the allegations.  My time will be spent helping the 28 million survivors around the world.  My work with the Lance Armstrong Foundation helps people affected by cancer and empowers them to take action.  That will be my focus. 

Lance is the founder and chairman of the greatest cancer fighting organization in the world and a great cyclist.  It was his hard work, dedication and inspiring advocacy that has lead the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  It was his fight which inspired me to get involved days after being diagnosed with cancer.  He is a true inspiration to all cancer survivors.  

I look on the bright side and I believe Lance unless proven otherwise, but again it does not affect my view on the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the outstanding work they are doing.  

That is the way I look at it.  The Lance allegations are not a reflection on the Lance Armstrong Foundation, there Executive staff lead by CEO Doug Ulman, the great staff, their partners and their awesome volunteers. 

There are several hundred LIVESTRONG Leaders globally which will face some tough questions over the next few weeks or months, but we will remain focused on the foundation, their mission and supporting the 28 million survivors around the global. 

I continue to support, volunteer and raise funds for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  I am glad Lance is leading us in the fight against cancer. All the drama and allegations that is going on right now does not change that.   

Thank you Lance for creating such a terrific organization, inspiring me and allowing me to help others.   No matter how this all works out I know you will still come out on top and continue to lead the fight against cancer.




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