Samsung Galaxy S3 on AT&T First 48 hrs Review

First Impressions:  HUGE upgrade from the Blackberry Torch 9000 on AT&T.  From the large 4.8 in screen with vibrant colors to the glossy pearl blue color.  After picking it up and holding it I must say it is the perfect size for me and it is a lot lighter than my old Torch.  I am not sure a person with small hads with like the size as much, but the phone does have it all.

Navigation:  Using the S3 I have found to be extremely easy.  It is not a negative to say there is a lot to learn going from BB to Android “Ice Cream Sandwich” 4.0 but I can do it easily.  It is much more fluent to navigate compared to iPhone 4S and BB Torch.  You can have several different home screens, your apps can be on them or you can go to the app page.  Downloading apps via has been very fast.  I downloaded a 26M app in < 5 seconds.  In my opinion, this phone is light years ahead of the iPhone 4S for navigation.  Heck I do not even know all the tricks of using Android, but I can see how much better it is.

Email Integration:  I have several emails work, personal, Sr. LIVESTRONG Leader and Jersey Shore Area 4 LIVESTRONG.  All of them were easy to set up and use.  No issues at all.

Battery Life:  Given I purchased this on Friday this remains my #1 concern.  I want to test it for a week to give a true opinion.  I had the phone with tons of open apps running yesterday for over 9hrs and was getting over 100 emails and I had 79% battery life remaining.  However, I have noticed that at night if I stay on facebook, twitter and watch videos that the battery goes down fast – 10% in 90 mins.  The good news is that was a test and not how I use the phone normally.  So far so good!

Taking Pictures and Videos:  Wow, very good quality for both.  Of course I have not tried all the different times of day, etc. but so far it looks great.  The clarity on the pics is great.  I have only take two videos to test and both look great on the phone.  I will need to download them to my pc to see what they look like.

I am glad I purchased it.  I am enjoying it and hope I still like it after my first full week at work with it.  More to come…..

UPDATE:  Monday August 6th

I have noticed the phone dropped down to 86% battery life and it is only 9:30AM.  It has been off the charger since 7:00AM.  Using 4G seems to drain the battery, but most research is needed as it could be something else.