THANK YOU TO ALL TEAM MEMBERS FOR YOUR DEDICATION AND SUPPORT OF LIVESTRONG!  Team Jersey Shore Area for LIVESTRONG has raised over $10,600 as of today.  Great job team!

Dear Donors & Supporters:  Your generous donation and support will help me get through the physical challenges of the hills of PA.  Speaking of the hills….right about now I am thankful that I was able to lose the 55lbs since January 1st because I am sure I would never made either the run or the ride.
On Saturday I will run my first 5K which will be interesting as I have recently been tackling shin-splints.  Never had it before, but this will not stop me.  I know what it is like to face cancer, surgery and treatments so this will be easy. 
On Sunday I will ride the “hill country” in PA 45 miles.  I ride to honor all survivors and I pedal up the hills I will be remembering every person I know who has lost their life to cancer.  I expect it to be a great challenge for me.  My training is on mostly flat areas where I live, but I have been getting to some hills to help prepare.
My physical challenge is a small part of my participation.  The most important part is having generous donors like yourself and your support for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. 

LIVESTRONG is doing amazing things to help people fight cancer and empower them to take action.  Their free services are amazing.  They have patient navigation services to help people during the most difficult time of their lives which can take them through it step-by-step, and they have great one-on-one support services to ensure emotional support is there.
By now most of my family, friends and coworkers know how much I volunteer, promote, fundraise, raise awareness and hold events.  This is all directly related to my first few days after I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. 

LIVESTRONG provided me with the free services to help educate me so I can make informed decisions for surgery and treatment.  As you can see they also empowered me to make a difference and help others.
So as I go off to Blue Bell, PA this Friday afternoon know I will ride with your generosity, support and the many kind words you have shared.  I sincerely THANK ALL DONORS AND SUPPORTERS.

Thank you to my wife Kristy!  She has always been my #1 cheerleader (along with Caroline and Annabelle) and supports all my volunteer work, training, fundraising and events.  None of this would be possible without her support. 

Thank you to LIVESTRONG Leadership & Staff for your work and inspiring me daily.

Brian Dowd
6 Year Cancer Survivor & LIVESTRONG Volunteer/Supporter